XERIC Open Throat Pump

XERIC Open Throat Pump

  • Innovative and patented full dry-run capability; No complicated electronic run-dry protection or constant monitoring.
  • Temperature to 400F (204C).
  • Compared to other systems and rubber stator fitted pumps, XERIC installations yield higher productivity, less energy and greatly reduced down time.
  • Most durable, longest lasting and maintenance free open hopper progressing cavity pump in the world.
  • Auger design conveys highly viscous materials and fluids it to the pumping element and out to storage in a safe, enclosed, and clean system.
  • The very best pump selection for the toughest and most important processes for food, gypsum, spent grain, wine must, grape pomace, olive pomace, fruit pomace, filter press cake, municipal gravity belt thickener sludge, sludge cake, lime slurry blending, grout, and many other highly viscous fluids and fluids with high solids concentration.

Please contact us for technical information about this pump and how it can be applied to improve your system.


Xeric Pump Informational Video

Xeric Pump vs. Conventional Rubber Video

Spent Grain Pump Brochure

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The Roper Pump Co. brings decades of positive displacement pump innovation and success to municipal waste water, food & beverage, and general industrial manufacturing facilities. Bring us your challenges. Every Roper XERIC pump, with it’s patented alloy steel stator, excels in pumping the the most demanding applications with the lowest MTBF versus the competition.

Powerflo proudly assists systems engineers, systems integrators, project managers, facilities managers and maintenance teams in California and the surrounding states (Arizona, Oregon, and Nevada) with this revolutionary pump. Ask Powerflo’s sales engineers how the XERIC pump will improve your process with uninterrupted flow and pressure.

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Weight115 lbs

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