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  • Roper XERIC Pump

    Roper Progressing Cavity, XERIC Pump:  Metal on Metal Construction

    • Elastomer-incompatible fluids
    • High pressures
    • Temperature to 400F (204C)
    • Viscosities from 320cSt to 1,000,000cSt
    • Multi-phase flow
    • Shear-sensitive liquids
    • Potential dry-run installations

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    Roper Xeric Brochure

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  • XERIC Pump Upgrade and Retrofit

    • Upgrade and convert your existing rubber lined spent grain pump with a XERIC pumping element!
    • Brewery tested and proven to last! Please ask us for references!
    • 2 times the pressure efficiency per stage compared to the competition
    • Eliminate spent grain pump failures!
    • XERIC rotor and stator bolt-in and retrofit directly into your existing pump; No piping or base plate modifications.
    • Innovative and patented alloy steel rotor/stator set.
    • Full dry-run capability; No complicated or unreliable electronic run-dry protection or constant monitoring.
    • XERIC installations yield higher productivity, less energy, less complication and greatly reduced down time.

    Please contact us for technical information and XERIC upgrade proposals for your brewery.

    Xeric Upgrade Case Study, Escondido, CA

    Xeric Pump Informational Video

    Xeric Pump vs. Conventional Rubber Video

    Spent Grain Pump Brochure

    Spent Grain Pump Test Video