Environmental Remediation

  • Aurora 3550, ASME ANSI B73.1

    Three Frame Sizes Available:
    • Model 3550-S
    • Model 3550 – M/L
    • Model 3550 – XL
    • Heavy-Duty Casing Increases Reliability, Reduces Maintenance and Allows for Maximum Life
    • Heavy Duty Bearings Designed for Maximum Hydraulic Loads
    • Features Extending Bearing Life:
      • Over-sized Shaft to Reduce Vibrations
      • Labyrinth Oil Seals to Prevent External Contaminants
      • Large Capacity Oil Sump for Cooler Oil Temperatures and Better Heat Transfer
      • Magnetic Drain Plug to Remove Particles
    • Designed for the toughest applications including:
      • Chemical
      • Petro-Chemical
      • Mining
      • Pulp & Paper
      • Consumer Products
      • General Industry

    CAPACITIES:  4200 GPM (954 m3/hr)

    HEADS:  725 Feet (221 Meters)

    TEMPERATURES:  650°F (343°C)

    PRESSURES:  375 PSIG (4998 kPa)

  • Cornell NN & NH Series Enclosed Impeller

    2, 3, and 4 vane solids handling pumps for 2″ and larger spherical solids.

    • 3″ through 30″ discharge size
    • Flows to 40,000 gpm and Heads to 450 feet

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  • Versa-Matic 3″ AODD Pump – Aluminum, Buna, E3AA2R220C-ATEX

    Elima-Matic & Reg’s Non-Stalling, Lube-Free Air Valve System allows the Versa-Matic E3 3″ Pump to provide reliable performance.


    • 3″ NPT Ports
    • Clamped Construction
    • Aluminum Center and Wet End
    • Buna Diaphragms, Balls and Seats
    • Rugged Style Diaphragms
    • Offers a Flow Rate of 0-230 gpm
    • Self-Priming
    • In Stock, ships same or next day!

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  • Vogelsang IQ112 – Rotary Lobe Pump

    The latest Vogelsang innovation in Rotary Lobe Pumps is here! Utilizing our exclusive HiFlo lobe design, IQ series pumps have been specifically designed to reduce the number of spare parts, and maintenance time compared to other lobe pumps. The ability to pump highly viscous liquids, pulsation-free combined with unmatched design flexibility, makes IQ the next revolution of pumping technology.

    The IQ does everything that our industry leading VX design will but has a one-piece housing that is incredibly easy to work on. The all new IQ design works well in applications requiring a positive displacement pump up to 343gpm. All Vogelsang pumps can run dry without damage, self prime and run in forward or reverse. Vogelsang pumps are great for suction lift applications up to 25′. The IQ features our standard 4 wing HiFlo Lobe design, the pump delivers pulsation free pumping action making it ideal for many applications.What makes the IQ a great advance in pump design is the simplified wet-end. We’ve eliminated 50% of the spare parts compared to traditional rotary lobe pumps. This translates into real savings when looking at overall operational costs.

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  • Vogelsang VX100Q – Rotary Lobe Pump

    The VX100 Rotary Lobe Pump is ideal for applications requiring a high-performance positive displacement pump in an extremely small package. The VX100 is our smallest series pump but it packs more power than many larger pump designs.

    The VX100 is often chosen for applications involving thick and heavy liquids containing solids and abrasives. In addition, the VX100 is ideal for suction lift and vacuum applications such as sewage tank clean out for trains, airplanes, ferries & ships. The Six-Wing HiFlo Rotary Lobe, a Vogelsang exclusive, pulls a powerful suction to evacuate heavy sludge with ease. Combined with InjectionSystem, another Vogelsang exclusive, heavy solids can also be pumped through without damage.

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