ANSI Process Pumps

  • Aurora 3550 M Power End Kit, A14026

    Aurora 3500 Series parts are fully interchangeable with the major ANSI manufacturers and meet or exceed the specifications for performance and mechanical integrity of the manufacturers.

    • Designed to the highest quality standards
    • Interchangeable with the major ANSI manufacturers
    • Meet or exceed the specifications for performance and mechanical integrity of the manufacturers
  • Aurora 3550, ASME ANSI B73.1

    Three Frame Sizes Available:
    • Model 3550-S
    • Model 3550 – M/L
    • Model 3550 – XL
    • Heavy-Duty Casing Increases Reliability, Reduces Maintenance and Allows for Maximum Life
    • Heavy Duty Bearings Designed for Maximum Hydraulic Loads
    • Features Extending Bearing Life:
      • Over-sized Shaft to Reduce Vibrations
      • Labyrinth Oil Seals to Prevent External Contaminants
      • Large Capacity Oil Sump for Cooler Oil Temperatures and Better Heat Transfer
      • Magnetic Drain Plug to Remove Particles
    • Designed for the toughest applications including:
      • Chemical
      • Petro-Chemical
      • Mining
      • Pulp & Paper
      • Consumer Products
      • General Industry

    CAPACITIES:  4200 GPM (954 m3/hr)

    HEADS:  725 Feet (221 Meters)

    TEMPERATURES:  650°F (343°C)

    PRESSURES:  375 PSIG (4998 kPa)

  • Aurora Pumps – ANSI Regenerative Turbine Pumps

    Powerflo Products Inc. designs and builds quality centrifugal ANSI pump and motor packages custom built and fabricated in our Cypress, California facility. Each unit is engineered for high reliability and efficiency while meeting your application’s pumping conditions and requirements.

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