​​​​​Powerflo Products Inc. is a proud and authorized Chesterton Packing Distributor for California in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Ventura, San Diego, San Bernardino and Riverside counties. Pump packing is ideal for the controlled leakage required for certain applications. ​Chesterton offers extensive applications ​expertise in pump packing solutions for rotating equipment—including design, selection, installation, testing, and more. Our innovative and award-winning packing solutions reduce power requirements for the pump and result in less leakage—lowering the total life cycle costs of the pumping system. ​

Chesterton offers an array of packing from multi-use to application specific designs.  Please Contact Us today for a quote on a Chesterton packing solution!

  • Chesterton DualPac® 2212 Packing

    A reliable sealing solution can save you both time and money on your pump operation. Traditional braided pump packing requires frequent gland adjustments and often burns out quickly, especially under high speeds. This results in packing failure and equipment damage.

    Chesterton® DualPac 2212 is created using ​our patented DualPac Technology,  which combines a burn-resistant material on the packing’s shaft side with a highly resilient outer fiber. This formulation creates a unique, long-lasting packing that ​uses the gland load more efficiently and achieves a reliable and quicker break-in period.  This ability keeps the packing internally loaded against the rotating member while, at the same time, resisting burning and shaft scoring. DualPac 2212 gives users peace of mind in the toughest sealing applications.

    ​DualPac Technology Advantages

    • Significantly fewer gland adjustments than traditional packing
    • Simplifies your inventory: you can use the same packing for end rings and sealing rings
    • Better utilization of gland load in sealing configuration
    • Minimizes shaft scoring
    • Requires less overall maintenance​​​

    Learn more about DualPac Technology.​